No, That Space Force Uniform Design on Social Media Isn't Real, Officials Say

Man and woman wearing purported to be latest Space Force uniform.
Users on Twitter posted a speculative image of a man and woman wearing what was purported to be a proposal for the service’s latest dress uniform -- which it has yet to unveil. (via Twitter)

Some say it looks like a bad flight attendant uniform. Others compare it to the service dress for the East German police force. But a graphic floating around social media depicting a concept for the U.S. Space Force uniform isn’t authentic, a Space Force spokesperson told

“The uniform graphic being shared on social media is not an official U.S. Space Force uniform design concept,” Maj. Nick Mercurio said in an email Tuesday. “The Space Force service dress uniform is still in development.”

Users on Twitter posted an image of a man and woman wearing what was purported to be a proposal for the service’s latest dress uniform -- which it has yet to unveil.

The denim-colored uniform shows an oversized pocket near the left lapel, silver-gray trim on the jacket line and a high-waisted belt with large buckle featuring Polaris, or the North star, which officials have said signifies the Space Force's "core value, our guiding light."

Polaris stretches across each cuff on the jacket sleeve for the male officer in the photo, while the female enlisted member’s uniform shows only a chevron-rank patch.

The service dress also has a few places to fasten pins with the delta design that is featured in the Space Force’s official logo and appears on its seal and flag.

Presentations or “predecisional” ideas have leaked online before. For example, the U.S. Air Force for months has been evaluating an update to its physical training uniforms; one such proposal to give airmen a sleeker look while working out made its way onto the popular Facebook page Air Force Amn/Nco/Snco in 2018.

Regardless of origin, this design just isn’t one the Space Force is considering, Mercurio stressed.

Space Force itself is weighing many new decisions, which officials say are likely to be announced within the next year.

In addition to the dress uniform, the Space Force still lacks a physical fitness uniform and mess dress uniform; an official song; patch and insignia wear -- not to mention a rank structure. It has already announced its organizational structure; official logo, seal, flag and motto; a dark navy-colored name tape; a lapel pin; and a name for its members: Guardians.

"There are a couple of decisions out there that 'good enough' isn't really good enough," the Space Force's No. 2 officer, Gen. David "DT" Thompson, the vice chief of space operations, recently told "That's the one we really want to get right, because the first time people wear it, the first time they see it, it's going to leave a first impression."

One of the Air Force bands has put together a small team of lyricists and musicians who are crafting what will someday be the official Space Force song.

"They actually came up with a series of themes and words and concepts and ideas that built that into a set of phrases [that will coincide with] music associated with these themes," Thompson said.

The service has received unsolicited submissions from musicians across the country, but "we're in the process of developing what I'll call, 'the candidate,'" he said.

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