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The metal bars of a jail cell in a U.S. Marine Corps brig.
The metal bars of a jail cell in a U.S. Marine Corps brig. (U.S. Marine Corps/David Murphy)

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Navy Times: Navy SEAL Detained in ISIS Death Probe

A Navy SEAL is being held in a military brig while authorities investigate the stabbing death of an Islamic State combatant while he was subdued in Iraq last year.

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Army Special Forces Medic Will Get Medal of Honor for Afghanistan Heroism

An Army medic who braved enemy rocket-propelled grenades and sniper fire in Afghanistan to treat wounded soldiers will receive the military's highest honor, the White House announced late Friday.

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Air Force OCP Uniform Rollout Just Days Away

The U.S. Air Force is on track to begin distributing its new Operational Camouflage Pattern combat uniform beginning Oct. 1. Airmen who currently own and wear the uniform may start wearing it full-time on that date, a service spokeswoman said last week. This could apply to Air Force Special Operations Command units, for example, which currently wear the OCP pattern.

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