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Many Medically Discharged Vets Missing Out on Rating Upgrade

Hardeep Grewal was a 29-year-old Air Force computer operations specialist suffering a mild case of pneumonia when he deployed to Saudi Arabia and a series of other Southwest Asian countries in 2003.

By Tom Philpott | Read more


Deported Marine Veteran Came Home the Only Way He Could — in a Casket

Veteran Lance Cpl. Enrique Salas' flag-draped casket was loaded into a hearse with a Marine Corps seal and two miniature American flags protruding from either window.

By Carmen George, The Fresno Bee | Read more


Military Page Admin: I Wish I'd Handled 'Dino Puppet' Video Differently

I was at a memorial basketball tournament watching my son play when the message came to my page. It was the now-infamous "dinosaur puppet re-enlistment" video and the related post on a Facebook page, along with comments. The comments included those of the senior noncommissioned officer in the re-enlistment and the colonel who administered the oath.

By Steven Mayne | Read more


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