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Navy's Top Doc Orders Cell Phone Ban After Corpsman Flips Off Baby

The Navy's top doctor has banned all workers' personal cell phones from patient areas, and directed all Navy medical staff to participate in a 48-hour "stand down" after Snapchat posts from a pair of Navy corpsmen calling newborns in their care "mini Satans" went viral across social media early this week.

By Amy Bushatz | Read more

Navy's 'Blueberries' Uniform on the Way Out, Starting Next Month

The era of the Navy's much-reviled blue digital camouflage work uniform is rapidly drawing to a close.

By Hope Hodge Seck | Read more

'A Different Feeling': Navy Pilots Describe Shooting Down SU-22

The day started out with a close-air support mission and ended with the first Navy air-to-air "kill" since 1991.

By Hope Hodge Seck | Read more

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