Civilian Allegedly Lived at Fort Bragg Special Forces Barracks


Fort Bragg authorities are investigating how a civilian apparently used phony ID to get access to the North Carolina base and live there for months at the barracks of the 3rd Special Forces Group.

The Fayetteville Observer newspaper reported Thursday that a spokesman for the 3rd SFG confirmed that a civilian with a fake Common Access Card (CAC) had been found living in a room at a temporary barracks and his presence had been reported to the base Provost Marshall's office.

It was not immediately known if the man had been taken into custody, or whether charges were filed, but the popular Facebook account "U.S. Army W.T.F. Moments" posted a photo showing a man in civilian clothes apparently being handcuffed.

The Facebook posting said the man allegedly got away with the ruse and lived for months at the barracks by claiming he was a demolitions expert who was attending a top-secret school at the base.

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