Hagel Calls USS Barry's CO to Offer Thanks

WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called the commanding officer of the USS Barry Sept. 11 to express his gratitude to sailors serving in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said.

Hagel called Navy Cmdr. Thomas Dickinson to thank him and the crew of the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, Little said in a statement summarizing the call.

“Secretary Hagel thanked Commander Dickinson and his sailors for their service during this period of heightened readiness,” the press secretary said. “Last month, the USS Barry was ordered to remain at sea beyond their scheduled deployment in preparation for military action against the Syrian regime.

“Secretary Hagel commended the USS Barry and the other ships in her group for maintaining their posture and ensuring that the United States military can carry out the orders of the commander in chief, if called upon,” he continued. “He asked Commander Dickinson to relay to all sailors aboard that on the anniversary of Sept. 11, the secretary is proud of the men and women of the U.S. Navy who safeguard our nation far from home.”

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