It's Never Funny to be "That Guy"

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Who is That Guy?

That Guy ('[th]at'gI),  n.

One who consumes too much alcohol and loses control of self or situation with humiliating or compromising results:

  • Used to suggest shameful or embarrassing behavior: What is That Guy thinking? or, No way am I hanging out with That Guy!
  • Used to imply an unpleasant transformation/metamorphosis: Everything was great until he drank a few too many and turned into That Guy.
  • Associated with negative – sometimes extreme – consequences: That Guy ended up with his head in the toilet! Sometimes That Guy ends up in the emergency room.
  • Used as a reference of mockery or to make fun of another's condition: Get a load of That Guy!
  • A negative example, often used as an admonition: Don't be That Guy.

Designed for E1-E4 active duty junior enlisted, ages 18 to 24 in all branches of service, the That Guy campaign targets the occasional binge drinker, to raise awareness, change attitudes, change behavior and reduce binge drinking rates.  This TRICARE sponsored counter-marketing campaign uses a stealth approach to reach junior enlisted with playing cards, coasters, cartoons, key chains, etc., where they live, work, and play.

We've all seen That Guy making a spectacle of himself.  Sometimes we laugh at him, but it's not so funny when he wrecks your evening by acting out, or getting you kicked out of the bar, or starting a fight you have to finish, or ruining your hook-up, or getting arrested, or bleeding in your car, or smashing your TV, or puking on your shoes, or … well, you get the point.

When we see him in action, or see the consequences he faces, he's a reminder to all of us: “Don't let me be That Guy.” The day after, when everyone's talking about his antics, we're so glad we weren't That Guy. If we become That Guy on occasion, we regret it. If we're That Guy all the time, we need help. But the truth is, no one wants to beThat Guy.

Poor judgment knows no bounds. The trick is to avoid it, and learning from others' mistakes can really help.

To practice not becoming That Guy or That Girl, visit, there is a FREE action-style game developed for mobile devices and tablets including the iPhone, iPad, and Android. The game emphasizes the concept of personal control when it comes to drinking alcohol.

  • Game players start by selecting a male or female character that begins the night sober but might become That Guy or That Girl if he or she consumes too many drinks throughout the night.
  • The mission of the game is to make it to the concert by navigating through four maze-like levels including a Dive Bar, House Party, Street Festival, and Concert while dodging alcoholic drinks, obnoxious drunks and other slippery situations…all while racing against the clock! One too many drinks and the player's character will get too drunk, lose control, and won't be able to beat each level of the game.
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