Use Fitbit? A New Partnership Will Give Veterans Free Premium Access

Woman checking fitness tracker whilst exercising

Veterans and their caregivers can get free access to a Fitbit membership designed to improve sleep, manage stress and help vets increase their physical activity thanks to a new partnership between the Department of Veterans Affairs and Fitbit.

The program will give up to 10,000 users a one-year free membership to Fitbit Premium.

Fitbit Premium includes added features such as hundreds of audio and video workouts; step-by-step guided programs, including a personalized action plan to help you build and maintain healthy habits; special activity challenges; personalized insights, such as sleep score and wellness reports; and mindfulness programs to help wind down and calm your mind.

The premium program also includes easy-to-use exercise, sleep and physical well-being dashboards that allow users to easily set goals and track progress.

Some users will also be given access to the Premium Plus Health Coaching membership plan -- a $660 annual value -- which includes free one-on-one guidance and health coaching from a certified health coach or licensed health professional.

Applicants who currently own a Fitbit device will be given preference for the free premium upgrade program; eligibility will also depend on the veteran's location and VA health care enrollment status.

Some veterans who currently receive VA health care may also be eligible to receive a free Fitbit Sense, the company's most advanced health smartwatch.

If you're interested in the program, visit Fitbit Health Solutions by Jan. 25, 2021, to apply.

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