VA Program Provides Veterinary Care for Some Service Dogs


If you have a service dog from an accredited agency you may be able to get veterinary care for it from the VA.

Veterans who have a service dog to assist them in functioning because of a severe mobility impairment due to visual, hearing or mental health issues are eligible for the program.

VA doesn't provide service dogs for veterans, however in some cases, VA may help eligible veterans locate an accredited dog provider so the veteran can get their own dog. Veterans approved for service dogs are referred to Assistance Dogs International accredited agencies or International Guide Dog Federation accredited agencies. 

To be eligible for the veterinary benefit the dog and veteran must have successfully completed a training program offered by an organization accredited by Assistance Dogs International or the International Guide Dog Federation.

Veterans who have their own medically approved service dogs are able to access comprehensive veterinary services from the VA. This care includes annual visits for preventive care and maintenance care (e.g., immunizations, dental cleanings, screenings, etc.), as well as urgent/emergent care, prescription medications, and care for chronic illnesses and/or disorders when treatment enables the dog to perform its duties in service to the veteran.

Veterans are not billed for covered services.

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