Individual Ready Reserve Reenlistment Bonus

Cash in Hand

If you are or were a member of the armed forces, and reenlist, enlist, or voluntarily extend an enlistment in a combat or combat support skill of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) of an armed force for a period of three to six years beyond your obligation, you may be paid a bonus. A bonus may not be paid if you have failed to complete satisfactorily any original term of enlistment in the armed forces.

The amount of a bonus may not exceed $10,000, and is determined by the specific services.

A bonus paid may be paid either in a lump sum, annual installments, or a combination of the two as determined by the specific service component.

A person who receives a bonus payment and who fails to serve satisfactorily in the Individual Ready Reserve shall refund an amount according to the fraction of time that was not served satisfactorily.

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