2024 Partial BAH Rates


There are several type of Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) that you may be eligible for.

BAH Partial is paid to military members without dependents who live in government quarters including ships.

Check out the other types of BAH you can get.

2024 Partial BAH Rates

Pay Grade Amount
O-10 $50.70
O-9 $50.70
O-8 $50.70
O-7 $50.70
O-6 $39.60
O-5 $33.00
O-4 $26.70
O-3 $22.20
O-2 $17.70
O-1 $13.20
O-3E $22.20
O-2E $17.70
O-1E $13.20
W-5 $25.20
W-4 $25.20
W-3 $20.70
W-2 $15.90
W-1 $13.80
E-9 $18.60
E-8 $15.30
E-7 $12.00
E-6 $9.90
E-5 $8.70
E-4 $8.10
E-3 $7.80
E-2 $7.20
E-1 $6.90

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