The Board of Veterans Appeals


Was your recent VA disability compensation award simply not enough? Have you been denied VA education, pensions, or health care benefits? Fortunately, you do have recourse through the VA Appeals process.

The Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) makes final decisions on appeals on behalf of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. A claimant may be represented by a veterans service organization, an agent or an attorney.

The board reviews fee agreements between appellants and attorneys or agents. The Board also determines whether attorneys or agents are eligible for payment of fees from the claimant's past-due benefits. Appellants have the right to present their case in person to a board member at a hearing in Washington, DC, at a VA regional office, or by videoconference.

Note: Decisions concerning the need for medical care or the type of medical treatment needed, such as a physician's decision to prescribe (or not prescribe) a specific drug are not within the Board's jurisdiction, and thus cannot be appealed.

Board decisions can be viewed at the "Board of Veterans' Appeals Decisions Search" website.

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