VA's Veterans Crisis Line Launches New Program

Outreach for depression.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. That's The Power of 1.

Developed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to increase awareness of suicide prevention resources such as the Veterans Crisis Line, The Power of 1 campaign shows how one small act can make a big difference in the life of someone going through a difficult time or in crisis. This Suicide Prevention Month, millions of people are showing that they care by joining The Power of 1 movement online and in communities across the country — letting Veterans in crisis know they have somewhere to turn, whenever, if ever, they need it.

Whether it's simply letting a Veteran know you're there to listen, or encouraging those in your social networks to rally behind the Veterans in your area, every little bit counts. Social media is a great way to help Veterans going through tough times: It fosters community and connection, which research shows can help reduce the risk of suicide. Even something as simple as posting an encouraging message on Facebook with information about the Veterans Crisis Line can comfort someone in crisis.

The VA has created an array of social media tools to help inspire Veterans and their friends and family this Suicide Prevention Month. These include:

  1. A social media graphic generator that empowers people to share messages of hope online. These meaningful messages include information about the Veterans Crisis Line's 24/7/365 resources. Spreading the word about where Veterans can seek help in times of emotional crisis — on a digital platform used by billions of people — widens the network of lifesaving support. The generator is available at
  2. Materials available on the Veteran's Crisis Line's Partnership Outreach Hub. VA has created social media content that you're encouraged to share on Twitter and Facebook using the #ThePowerOf1 hashtag. By viewing, downloading, and sharing these materials, you can raise awareness of the Veterans Crisis Line and connect Veterans in crisis with the support they've earned and deserve.
  3. A televised public service announcement (PSA) to guide Veterans and Service members of all ages, backgrounds, and service eras to the Veterans Crisis Line. The PSA, “1 Act,” highlights how one person, one connection, and one simple act of compassion online can open the door to vital support for a Veteran in crisis.

If you notice warning signs in a Veteran or Service member you know, connect him or her with the Veterans Crisis Line's 24/7/365 resources: Call 800-273-8255 and Press 1, chat online at, or text to 838255. 

Join the VA and encourage people in your social networks to act. It takes only one minute to stand by our Nation's Veterans. Share positive messages of support using our graphic generator and watch and share “1 Act” today. Families of those who have served will thank you. Your actions could save a life.

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