Here Are Your 2020 Military Spouse of the Year Base Winners

Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year

The annual Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Award is one of those military community things that we could easily take for granted. I mean really -- what does the award even mean and why should anyone care about individual military spouses being recognized for helping their own communities?

But after many years of watching the program and interviewing and getting to know the winners, I'm a convert. By nominating individual spouses in our spheres, reading about others, voting for recipients from each service and then, finally, voting for a military spouse of the year while a panel of judges does the same, we don't just get to give a new crop of powerhouse spouses a way to make a difference each year -- we get to be inspired to do the same.

And that's why it's worthwhile for military spouses to participate. In addition to giving those movers and shakers among us a chance at making an even greater difference, we get to be inspired along the way.

You've already had a chance to nominate for the 2020 awards an amazing spouse or two in your community. And today we learned the identities of the winners from each base. You can see them on the Armed Forces Insurance site and get inspired by the way each of these men and women supports their local communities

These base-level winners will then go on to be considered for the top 18 finalists for service-level recognition and, finally, military spouse of the year. While the top 18 are chosen by a panel of judges, you will get to select from those to have a say in who wins both the base level and the spouse of the year designations.

Are you ready? You can go to the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year page to view all the winners. The Top 18 will be announced Feb. 21, and you will have a chance to vote for the service-level winners March 3 and 4.


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