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Independent Wellness Summit 2020

In a world where information overload is a real problem, it’s both easier -- and harder -- than ever to find the kind of military spouse support that works for you.

On one hand, it's harder because there's just so much out there. Should you attend an in-person retreat? Read articles? Follow social media? Listen to podcasts? Watch livestreams? Subscribe to newsletters? Read books? Sign up for private coaching? (I'm exhausted just listing those.)

On the other hand, experts have become really, really good at not only identifying their own, specific audience, but also creating a complete package on whichever platform they use. That means when you find something that works for you, you can stick to it.

Personally, I like a combination of in-person events and podcasts. A live event each year helps me expand the community of people I interact with online the rest of the time. The MakeHer Military Spouse retreat helped me with that last year. And podcasts give me a continuous feed of great advice and connection on my own time.

That's why I especially love the annual Independent Wellness Summit. It’s designed especially for military and first-responder spouses, and it's not an in-person retreat, so I don't have to travel anywhere. But it’s carefully curated to offer many of the in-person benefits without the expense or time commitment.

The scheduled speakers will address the many dimensions of wellness, with a tight focus on how military spouses and first-responder families can work toward it in a way that actually works. Better yet, this year I am one of the guest speakers, talking about the challenges and wins of military transition, based on my own personal experience.

For this virtual summit, all of the content is brought to you for free by podcast. But where it gets really special is in the connection part, which is exclusive to those who buy a ticket.Those attendees are given access to a private Facebook group that offers support all year long.

How Does a Virtual Summit Work?

From March 2-7, Independent will release individual podcasts of interviews with speakers (like me!) and the host, Corie Weathers. Those who register for free can listen on their own time over a two-week period. There will also be access to a printable guide and a giveaway.

Those who buy a ticket have even more access. They can listen to the episodes whenever and wherever they want until the end of time. They also get access the Facebook group, bonus sessions and printouts, a virtual swag bag and a few great giveaways. Ticket prices are $41.24 -- but if you use our special reader discount, they are reduced to $30 even.

If you've attended this summit before, you know that even $41 is super cheap. Thanks to extra donations this year from a variety of sponsors, Independent was able to reduce its full-access ticket cost from about $100 last year.

How to Get the Independent Ticket Discount

If you want the all-access pass, it's super easy to get our special reader discount. Simply go to the Independent website, reserve your all-access ticket and enter the code at checkout: MILITARY20.

See you at the summit?

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