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Trivia Challenge

26 Oct | Yesterday's Trivia Subject:

WWII - Operation Code Names

Yesterday's Trivia Challenge Answers
  1. What was the code name for the German High Command's plan, never carried out due to air losses in the Battle of Britain, to invade Britain with a force of 160,000?
    • Operation Neptune
    • Operation Trident
    • Operation Anvil
    • Operation Typhoon
    • Operation Sealion
  2. What was the code name of the September 9, 1943 landings at Salerno Italy carried out by U.S. Fifth Army?
    • Operation Torch
    • Operation Overlord
    • Operation Cobra
    • Operation Avalanche
    • Operation Tidalwave
  3. What is the name of the failed September 1942 operation in which the British attempted to land commandos in the area of Tobruk-el Alamein?
    • Operation Baytown
    • Operation Gymnast
    • Operation Agreement
    • Operation Flax
    • Operation Eureka
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