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16 Aug | Yesterday's Trivia Subject:

Famous Military Leaders - Omar Bradley

Yesterday's Trivia Challenge Answers
  1. Omar Nelson Bradley was born in 1893 in a log cabin in what state?
    • Kentucky
    • Missouri
    • Tennessee
    • Illinois
    • West Virginia
  2. What was Bradley's last command, which was the largest body of American soldiers ever to serve under one field commander?
    • 3rd U.S. Army Group
    • 6th U.S. Army Group
    • 12th U.S. Army Group
    • 15th U.S. Army Group
    • 21st U.S. Army Group
  3. Which of the following military or civilian positions was never held by Omar Bradley in his illustrious career?
    • Head of the Veterans' Administration
    • Chairman of Ford Motor Company
    • Consultant for the Movie "Patton"
    • Chairman of the Bulova Watch Company
    • Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff

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