Trivia Challenge

18 Feb | Yesterday's Trivia Subject:

Military Films - Famous Military Figures

Yesterday's Trivia Challenge Answers
  1. Who played the title character in the 1941 bio-pic "Sergeant York"?
    • Gary Cooper
    • Dana Andrews
    • Jimmy Stewart
    • James Cagney
    • Mickey Rooney
  2. What WWII-era U.S. admiral did James Cagney play in the 1960 movie "The Gallant Hours"?
    • Chester Nimitz
    • Frank Fletcher
    • Ernest King
    • Raymond Spruance
    • William Halsey, Jr.
  3. Who played Napoleon Bonaparte in the 1970 Soviet-Italian production "Waterloo," which also starred Christopher Plummer as Wellington?
    • Marlon Brando
    • Orson Welles
    • Rod Steiger
    • Dustin Hoffman
    • George C. Scott

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