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Trivia Challenge

19 Oct | Yesterday's Trivia Subject:

Battle of Trafalgar

Yesterday's Trivia Challenge Answers
  1. The battle of Trafalgar began when which British ship sailed in close to the French fleet?
    • HMS Africa
    • HMS Brittania
    • HMS Leviathan
    • HMS Royal Sovereign
    • HMS Victory
  2. Who assumed command of the British fleet after Lord Nelson was killed during the battle?
    • William Beatty
    • Robert Calder
    • Cuthbert Collingwood
    • William Cornwallis
    • Alexander Scott
  3. Which Spanish admiral was mortally wounded during the battle, but lived long enough to attend British admiral Horatio Nelson's funeral in England while on parole?
    • Luis Carrero Blanco
    • John of Austria
    • Federico Gravina
    • Casto Méndez Núñez
    • Miguel de Oquendo