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Trivia Challenge

7 Dec | Yesterday's Trivia Subject:

In Remembrance: Pearl Harbor

Yesterday's Trivia Challenge Answers
  1. Most of the US battleships that were damaged in the Pearl Harbor attack were repaired and reentered service. Which of the following ships was not?
    • California
    • Nevada
    • Oklahoma
    • Pennsylvania
    • West Virginia
  2. The 1970 movie "Tora Tora Tora!" depicted the Pearl Harbor attack from both the American and Japanese points of view. Which famous Japanese director was originally supposed to direct the Japanese segments before dropping out during production?
    • Shohei Imamura
    • Akira Kurosawa
    • Hayao Miyazaki
    • Nagisa Oshima
    • Seijun Suzuki
  3. In the attack's aftermath, what was the name of the US commission appointed to investigate the facts behind the attack?
    • Hull Commission
    • Nimitz Commission
    • Roberts Commission
    • Roosevelt Commission
    • Truman Commission
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