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Trivia Challenge

18 Jan | Yesterday's Trivia Subject:

Barbarians, Raiders & Invaders - The Goths

Yesterday's Trivia Challenge Answers
  1. The Goths split geographically into two major branches in third century, with one becoming known as the Visigoths and the other becoming known as what?
    • Paleogoths
    • Iberogoths
    • Ostrogoths
    • Francogoths
    • Anglogoths
  2. The Visigoths defeated the Roman Army in 378 in the watershed Battle of Adrianople and killed what Eastern Roman Emperor in the process?
    • Theodosius I
    • Gratianus
    • Arcadius
    • Valens
    • Valentinian I
  3. What king led the Visigoths in the 410 Sack of Rome, an event that marked the end of the Western Roman Empire?
    • Ataulphus
    • Theodoric I
    • Fritigern
    • Athanagild
    • Alaric
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