Trivia Challenge

11 Dec | Yesterday's Trivia Subject:

Name the War

Yesterday's Trivia Challenge Answers
  1. What was the name of the wars that pitted the Romans against the Carthaginians in the second and third centuries BC?
    • Samnite Wars
    • Punic Wars
    • Peloponnesian Wars
    • Wars of the Diadochi
    • Mithridatic Wars
  2. The Battle of Mount Longdon and The Battle of Goose Green both took place during what British war?
    • Hundred Years' War
    • Wars of the Roses
    • Crimean War
    • Boer War
    • The Falklands War
  3. Nicholas Biddle, James Mugford, and Samuel Tucker were all naval officers during what war?
    • American Revolution
    • Mexican-American War
    • U.S. Civil War
    • World War One
    • World War Two

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