Trivia Challenge

20 May | Yesterday's Trivia Subject:

Military Films - Matt Damon

Yesterday's Trivia Challenge Answers
  1. What was Matt Damon's character's name in the Steven Spielberg classic "Saving Private Ryan"?
    • Cpl. Upham
    • Pvt. Jackson
    • Sgt. Horvath
    • Pvt. Caparzo
    • Pvt. Ryan
  2. Matt Damon plays Lieutenant Britton Davis in a 1993 biopic about what legendary Native American warrior?
    • Cochise
    • Chief Joseph
    • Geronimo
    • Sitting Bull
    • Crazy Horse
  3. The 1993 movie "Courage under Fire " -- which Matt Damon had an important role in -- took place during what war?
    • Civil War
    • World War One
    • World War Two
    • Vietnam War
    • Gulf War

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