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26 Nov | Yesterday's Trivia Subject:


Yesterday's Trivia Challenge Answers
  1. Who was the experienced military man that was hired by the Pilgrims to organize exploration and defense upon reaching the New World?
    • John Alden
    • William Bradford
    • William Brewster
    • John Smith
    • Miles Standish
  2. Though it wasn't a military operation, the Mayflower had a captain. Who was he?
    • John Alden
    • John Clarke
    • Robert Coppin
    • Giles Heale
    • Christopher Jones
  3. What was the name given to the loose confederacy of Native American tribes that cooperated with the Pilgrims?
    • Blackfoot Confederacy
    • Creek Nation
    • Iroquois Nation
    • Sioux Nation
    • Wampanoag Confederacy
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