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World War II

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  • Lieutenant General M C Dempsey, Cb, Dso, Mc, Commander in Chief, British Second Army, April 1944
    Miles Dempsey
    At the beginning of World War II, Dempsey was a lieutenant colonel in command of an infantry brigade in France.
  • WWII Reunions Poignant for Dwindling Veterans
    Associated Press|
    DAYTON, Ohio -- Paul Young rarely talked about his service during World War II -- about the B-25 bomber he piloted, about his 5...
  • Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel was a senior German Army officer during World War II and was popularly known as the Desert Fox.
    Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Johannes Rommel was born in 1891 and he joined the German Army as a cadet in 1910.
  • In this April 24, 2009 file photo the entrance gate of the former Nazi concentration camp in Dachau near Munich, southern Germany, is pictured with the slogan reading "Work sets you free". (AP Photo/Christof Stache, File)
    Historic Gate at Dachau Concentration Camp Stolen
    Associated Press
    A wrought-iron gate bearing the Nazis' slogan "Arbeit macht frei," or "Work sets you free," has been stolen from the former Dac...
  • dornier do 17 600x400
    German WWII Bomber to be Salvaged Off UK Coast
    Associated Press|
    A famous German World War II bomber nicknamed "the flying pencil" has spent decades submerged in the English Channel after bein...
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