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WWII Reunions Poignant for Dwindling Veterans

DAYTON, Ohio -- Paul Young rarely talked about his service during World War II -- about the B-25 bomber he piloted, about his 57 missions, about the dangers he faced or the fears he overcame. "Some things you just don't talk about," he said. But Susan Frymier had a hunch that if she could journey from Fort Wayne, Ind., with her 92-year-old dad... more

Historic Gate at Dachau Concentration Camp Stolen

In this April 24, 2009 file photo the entrance gate of the former Nazi concentration camp in Dachau near Munich, southern Germany, is pictured with the slogan reading "Work sets you free". (AP Photo/Christof Stache, File)

BERLIN — A wrought-iron gate bearing the Nazis' cynical slogan "Arbeit macht frei," or "Work sets you free," has been stolen from the former Dachau concentration camp, police said Sunday. Security officials noticed early Sunday morning that the gate measuring 75 by 37 inches — set into a larger iron gate — was missing, police said in a stateme... more

German WWII Bomber to be Salvaged Off UK Coast

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LONDON - A famous German World War II bomber nicknamed "the flying pencil" has spent decades submerged in the English Channel after being shot down in the Battle of Britain. Now, divers are braving dangerous tides to bring it to the surface. British officials on Friday announced a complex salvage operation just off the Kent coast in southeaster... more

Russia Remembers Stalingrad Battle as Finest Hour

Soviet soldier waves the Red Banner over Stalingrad's central plaza in 1943. Photo: German Federal Archives

In a new display of national pride and reminder of its status as a world power, Russia on Saturday remembers the Red Army victory in the battle of Stalingrad over invading Nazi forces, one of the bloodiest battles in human history. The turning point in World War II that claimed up to 2 million lives on both sides, the battle of Stalingrad is re... more

Irish Pardon Deserters Who Joined Britain in WWII

DUBLIN - The Irish government said Tuesday it is pardoning nearly 5,000 men who deserted its armed forces to fight for Britain during World War II, an episode of history that brought shame and embarrassment to neutral Ireland. Justice Minister Alan Shatter said a bill pardoning the men - mostly posthumously - and apologizing to their families w... more

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