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Officers Caught in Army Downsizing to Get Full Retirements

About 160 Army officers facing involuntary retirements got some good news before Christmas: They won't be demoted in addition to being forced out of the military. The change in policy spares career soldiers who had risked losing hundreds of dollars a month in their pensions because of a retirement standard that would have wiped out the perquisi... more

For Army Reservist, 3rd Retirement is the Hardest

For the third time in more than 40 years, Bob Jangro is leaving the Army. But this time, he said, the decision will stick. Jangro, the U.S. Army Reserve safety director, said goodbye to friends and co-workers at a ceremony on Fort Bragg last week. A retired Army aviator who went on to serve more than 22 years as an Army civilian, Jangro was p... more

Army Corrects Retirement Inequity

About 160 Army officers pegged to be forced out of the service with reduced benefits will now be allowed to remain on active duty or retire with full benefits after an Army review found numerous officers were unfairly targeted. “Under the criteria for officer separations, these soldiers should not have been considered,” Secretary of the Army Jo... more

Ryan-Murray Deal Hits Younger, Future Retirees

Senator Paul Ryan

The yearly value of a 20-year military retirement would be cut for the current force steadily until age 62 under a COLA cap provision in the "bipartisan" budget deal struck by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), the House and Senate budget committee chairmen. The cumulative effect would be to cut the lifetime value of m... more

Guard, Reserve Soldiers and Reduced-Age Retirement

Soldiers train Afghan police.

Guard, Reserve Soldiers and for Reduced-Age Retirement Non-regular retirement is the term used for ARNG and USAR Soldiers that have completed 20 or more years of qualifying service for retired pay upon reaching age 60 or, in some cases, sooner depending on their computed eligibility date. Soldiers who complete 20 years or more of qualifying act... more

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