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Making the Most of Active-Duty Retirement Pay

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Years before you hang up your uniform and leave active-duty military service, you will need to make a major decision about your retirement pay. If you entered on or after Aug. 1, 1986, you'll be asked around your 15th year of service to choose between two different retirement plans. The High-36 retirement plan is so named because it's based on ... more

It's Never Too Soon to Save for Retirement


Many millennials understand they will share more of the retirement burden than their parents did. Many are also coping with loads of debt. But if you keep waiting for the perfect moment to start saving, you could face a serious financial squeeze down the line. "If I have one regret, it's that I didn't really get this until my 30s," says JJ Mon... more

Hearing Aids for Military Retirees

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The DoD sponsored Retiree-At-Cost Hearing Aid Program (RACHAP) is designed to help retirees purchase hearing aids through the Audiology Clinic at a special government negotiated cost. The hearing aids available through this program are the same state-of-the art technologies available to active duty service members. The program is open to all mil... more

Does Congress Want to Hasten Retirement Changes?

After the House finished its work on the FY16 defense bill, you have to wonder why Congress is so intent on fast-tracking changes to the retirement system. MOAA’s asks why Congress is trying to railroad retirement reform in the May edition of the "The Bottom Line." To read more go to: more

TRICARE for Retirees

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Several TRICARE Plans are available to you and your family after you retire. Some TRICARE plans work in conjunction with MEDICARE while others serve to bridge the gap from when you leave the military to when you become eligible for MEDICARE. TRICARE Health Plans TRICARE Retired Reserve - Retired Reserve Component members and their famil... more

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