People's Republic of China

China Says Building Islands in South China Sea No Threat to Region

East China Sea

BEIJING — China's military on Tuesday compared its controversial island-building in the South China Sea to ordinary construction such as road-building going on elsewhere in the country, trying to deflect criticism over an issue seen as inflaming tensions in the region. At the same venue, however, the Defense Ministry issued a report reaffirming... more

China's Actions Mean Larger Role for One of Navy's Newest Planes

A P-8A Poseidon takes off from a Boeing facility in Seattle earlier this year, marking the 20th overall production model for the U.S. Navy. (U.S. Navy photo courtesy of Boeing)

YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan — The P-8A Poseidons that patrol over the South China Sea's disputed territory don't end up on many posters, nor are they likely to dethrone fighter planes as Hollywood's favorite military aircraft. The P-8, modeled after the Boeing 737, looks from afar like an average commercial flight headed from Cleveland to Omaha.... more

China Says It's Entitled to Keep Watch Over Island Claims

Chinese fighter escorting P8

BEIJING — China said Thursday it is entitled to keep watch over airspace and seas surrounding artificial islands it created in the disputed waters of the South China Sea, following a reported exchange in which its navy warned off a U.S. surveillance plane. The comments came as the Chinese air force announced its latest offshore training exerci... more

Neither China nor US Giving Ground over Island Projects Dispute

Chinese President Xi Jinping, right, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry hold a meeting at the Great Hall of the People on May 17 in Beijing. (AP photo)

BEIJING — China and the United States are budging not a bit over Beijing's assertive development in disputed parts of the South China Sea, with Chinese officials politely but pointedly dismissing Washington's push for U.S.-proposed ways to ease tensions. As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry wrapped up a visit to China on Sunday, both sides str... more

U.S. Official: China Island Building Now Totals 2,000 Acres

chinese army in formation

WASHINGTON — China's rapidly expanding campaign to construct artificial islands , potentially for military use or airstrips, now totals about 2,000 acres (800 hectares) and could far outstrip that amount as the year goes on, a senior defense official said Friday. The new estimate, disclosed for the first time, comes as the Pentagon released its... more

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