Navy Fitness Requirements

  • Are Navy Fitness Standards Going to Pot?
    After years of complaints from sailors, the Navy has finally relaxed some of its requirements and issued new physical fitness s...
  • Navy Physical Fitness Program
    Navy Physical Fitness Program|
    The Navy's Physical readiness tests, which include associated height/weight/body fat measurements, are conducted twice each yea...
  • Navy Body Composition Assessment
    Navy Body Composition Assessment|
    The Navy Physical Fitness Assessment includes Body Composition Assessment (BCA) and Physical Readiness Test (PRT) is conducted ...
  • Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT) Overview
    Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT) Overview|
    The Navy Physical Readiness Test consists of push-ups, curl-ups (sit-ups), and either running or swimming.
  • Navy Seal Training
    Preparing for BUDS with Sports
    Stew Smith
    Being a competitive person with a history of active competition and a no-quit attitude will help you become a BUD/S graduate.