Politics of Deployment Pose Challenge for NATO's New Spearhead Force

Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove

When NATO granted new powers to its top military commander last week, enabling Gen. Philip Breedlove to mobilize quick-reaction troops for deployment against a gathering threat, it marked a step forward in the alliance’s attempt to transform itself into a more fleet-footed fighting force. Breedlove’s new powers essentially mean that when he see... more

NATO Ministers Set to Give Military Chief Power to Act More Quickly

Abrams tanks from the U.S. Army's 3rd Infantry Division take part in a live-fire exercise June 16, 2015, at Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area in Poland. Brandon Anderson/Army

BRUSSELS -- Expanding NATO's crisis-response force and giving the alliance's top military commander the power to deploy forces on short notice are among a series of measures expected to be approved by NATO defense ministers during two days of talks that open Wednesday. The moves are part of the alliance's ongoing attempts to better position its... more

NATO Working with South Dakota Telemedicine Hub

Manoel Coelho uses a device with a camera to look at colleague Tim White's ear, during a demonstration to NATO leaders of some of the technology and equipment options available for telehealth services, June 22, 2015. (AP Photo/Regina Garcia Cano)

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  — NATO leaders are working with a telemedicine hub in southeast South Dakota to develop a multinational system that could deliver medical services remotely during natural or manmade disasters. Representatives from NATO nations, including Romania, the United Kingdom and the U.S., are visiting Avera Health's telemedicine center... more

NATO Land Command Fully Operational, Says Commander

Lt. Gen. John W. Nicholson, commander of the NATO Allied Land Command, reports to NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen. Phillip Breedlove that LANDCOM is at fully operational, at Grafenwoehr, Germany, Dec. 10, 2014. Michael Darnell/Stars and Stripes

GRAFENWÖHR, Germany — NATO’s Allied Land Command has finally reached full operational capacity, LANDCOM commander Lt. Gen. John Nicholson said at the close on Wednesday of NATO’s largest training exercise since the end of the Cold War. One aim of the exercise, Trident Lance, was to test how well a fully operational LANDCOM — which is charged wi... more

NATO Signals No New Members Right Now

merkel at nato meeting

BRUSSELS -- Faced with a newly aggressive Russia, NATO has been mulling how to react, but it is ruling out one option: rapid expansion.   Four would-be members, including the former Soviet republic of Georgia, have been informed that admission to NATO isn't in the cards anytime soon. For some, that means dashed hopes. Macedonia's foreign minis... more

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