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Space Station Marks 15 Years of Nonstop Human Presence

Graphic of the International Space Station (Associated Press)

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Humankind marked an off-the-planet pinnacle Monday: the 15th anniversary of continuous residency at the International Space Station. NASA and its global partners celebrated the milestone, as did the six astronauts on board. The U.S., Russian and Japanese spacemen planned a special dinner 250 miles up. Commander Scott Ke... more

NASA Picks 4 Astronauts to Fly 1st Commercial Space Missions

Air Force Col. Robert Behnken

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida -- NASA has selected four veteran astronauts to lead the way back into orbit from U.S. soil. On Thursday, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden named the four who will fly on capsules built by private companies --SpaceX and Boeing. Each astronaut has test pilot experience and has flown twice in space. The commercial crew as... more

Decades-old Photos emerge of Apollo Training

Lunar rover in Hawaii

HONOLULU -- Before Apollo astronauts went to the moon, they went to Hawaii to train on the Big Island's lunar landscapes.   Now, decades-old photos are surfacing of astronauts scooping up Hawaii's soil and riding across volcanic fields in a "moon buggy" vehicle.   The Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems, a Hawaii state... more

NASA Picks 8 New Astronauts, 4 of Them Women

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA has eight new astronauts - its first new batch in four years. Among the lucky candidates: the first female fighter pilot to become an astronaut in nearly two decades. A female helicopter pilot also is in the group. In fact, four of the eight are women, the highest percentage of female astronaut candidates ever select... more

NASA Seeking to Sell Space-shuttle Facilities

Does anyone need a 15,000-foot landing strip? How about a place to assemble rocket ships? Or a parachute-packing plant? An array of aerospace tracking antennas? A launchpad? Make us an offer, says NASA, which is quietly holding a going-out-of-business sale for the facilities used by its space-shuttle program. The last shuttle flight ended ... more

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