Military Marriage

NY Soldiers Wed at Airport Before Catching Flights

COLONIE, N.Y. - A military couple has enlisted the help of a New York airport's staff to get married while awaiting flights to their respective military assignments. The Times Union of Albany reports that Caitlin Murray and Sean Whitney's spur-of-the-moment wedding occurred Thursday in the observation deck at Albany International Airport. The s... more

I Wanted To Take Care of Her

Ms. Vicki

Dear Ms. Vicki, I just read your article about the soldier whose wife is bipolar and is turning his world upside down. I am in the same situation as he is and can relate to everything he says.  My wife sits in front of a laptop at home for most of the day. She calls me every name in the book, belittles me, and really makes me feel like I am th... more

I Refused to PCS with Him

Ms. Vicki

Dear Ms. Vicki, My husband and I had been married for 11 years with three kids when he asked me for a divorce back in 2010.  Hurt by his sudden request, I did some digging and found out he was cheating on me. His cheating-- combined with emotional, verbal, and physical abuse toward me--made me file for legal separation.  We were separated for... more

Wife Doesn't Understand Why Military Husband Wants a Divorce

Ms. Vicki

Dear Ms. Vicki,  I am currently going through a separation with my military husband. This is not my choice.  My husband came home from work and said he wanted a divorce. We have been married for almost 12 years. We have two children.  He says this is because I am not happy within myself and that I keep looking for it in him and he cannot be h... more

Study: Young Military Marriage Is for More than the Money


A new study shows military members may marry young for more than just the income boost.  The study, conducted by military researcher Jennifer Lundquist from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, found that the reasons behind the military's tradition of young marriage may have more to do with permanent change of station (PCS) moves and deploy... more

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