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Opaque Military Justice System Shields Child Sex Abuse Cases

Graphic shows U.S. military prison statistics.

WASHINGTON  — As a U.S. Marine, Daniel E. DeSmit swore to live by a code of honor. Semper fidelis, always faithful. But DeSmit shattered that pledge repeatedly — directing dozens of live Internet videos of children having sex with each other. DeSmit, a chief warrant officer and father of three, spent at least $36,000 viewing and producing child... more

Fort Bragg Soldier Arrested with AR15 at Shopping Mall

 A Fort Bragg, N.C., soldier was arrested in a Fayetteville shopping mall July 2 for carrying an AR15 rifle, military equipment and ammunition.Associated Press.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Authorities say a Fort Bragg soldier has been charged with creating a panic at a North Carolina mall after appearing there with an AR15 rifle and other military gear. Bryan Scott Wolfinger, 25, was arrested and charged with "going armed to the terror of the public" in connection with Thursday's incident at Cross Creek Mall,... more

Fort Hood Soldier Convicted in Prostitute Case

FORT HOOD, Texas - A Fort Hood sergeant convicted for his role in a prostitution ring involving cash-strapped female soldiers has been reprimanded and demoted. A military jury late Tuesday convicted Master Sgt. Brad Grimes of conspiring to patronize a prostitute and solicitation to commit adultery. The 17-year Army veteran was then demoted one ... more

AF Master Sergeant Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Authorities arrested a master sergeant in the U.S. Air Force for allegedly producing and sharing child pornography, and molesting young girls, officials said. William S. Gazafi, 44, of Lusby, Md., was indicted on six counts of sexually exploiting a minor to produce child pornography earlier this month, The Washington Post reported Thursday. Th... more

Manning Could Serve Sentence at Famous Leavenworth


TOPEKA, Kan. - After being sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified documents to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, Pfc. Bradley Manning could be headed for hard time at Fort Leavenworth, home to the American military's most famous prison. The Army penitentiary has shed its once-imposing stone edifice, but inside Manning would co... more

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