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Department of Veteran Affairs

Push for New National Cemeteries as Capacity Nears

Houston National Cemetery

 | Jan 31, 2014

National cemeteries across the country are starting to reach capacity amid an increase in the number of veterans dying -- fueling a push for the government to approve new sites, particularly in states that don't have any. "One of the benefits is to be buried with dignity. All veterans are entitled to that," Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., said. Titus... more

VA Secretary Touts Agency Gains in 2013

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki holds a reporters roundtable. | Nov 08, 2013

After weathering a storm of criticism last spring from veteran service organizations and an associated tsunami of bad press over the number of backlogged veteran disability claims -- peaking at more than 611,000 in March -- the Department of Veterans Affairs is now claiming partial victory. "Veterans shouldn't have to wait for the benefits t... more

Vets, Lawmakers to Demand Advance VA Funding

VA building | Oct 28, 2013

Veterans groups, military associations and lawmakers will be out in force Wednesday demanding passage of legislation to fund the entire Department of Veterans Affairs a year in advance to ensure the agency is not again caught up in the political infighting that led to a government-wide shutdown. Bills for advance funding have been filed in b... more

Shinseki Returns to VFW Convention

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki

Stars and Stripes | Jul 23, 2013

WASHINGTON — When Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki spoke before the Veterans of Foreign Wars annual convention last summer, he closed his remarks with a series of one-year promises and the statement “I intend to be here to update you again next summer.”   It was a surprising announcement, since many veterans insiders has assumed the se... more

Electronic Claims System Boosts VA Efficiency | May 15, 2013

With 46 of 58 Department of Veterans Affairs regional offices now capable of handling electronic disability claims, efficiency has increased by about 10 percent, VA officials said. A department official who spoke with reporters Tuesday did not dispute that a 10 percent increase was small when considering the VA claims backlog is about 600,000, ... more

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