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Sec Def Appeals to Next Generation of Recruits

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter traveled the East Coast this week to unveil his “Force of the Future” initiative. The initiative suggests changing the way the DoD recruits, promotes, and retains personnel, but offers few specifics or clear proposals. To read more go to more

New SecDef Pledges 'Candid' Advice to White House at Swearing-In

Vice President Joe Biden and Stephanie Carter look on as Ash Carter delivers remarks after being sworn in as the new Secretary of Defense in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015 (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

New Defense Secretary Ashton Carter pledged Monday to give candid military and strategic advice to President Obama and a White House staff often accused of attempting to "micromanage" the military. After his swearing-in ceremony at the White House, Carter used the word "candid" twice in describing how he and the Joint Chiefs would carry out... more

The 5 Most Famous Secretaries of Defense

Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney

They operate behind the scenes, and usually you only see them at press conferences, but there's no denying the impact of the U.S. Secretary of Defense. With power over the military second only to that of the President, the Secretary of Defense plays a key role in every major decision involving the military. Although the history of the positi... more

Host of Daunting Challenges Ahead for New Defense Secretary

Ashton Carter, then the deputy secretary of defense, speaks with troops at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, on Nov. 28, 2013. Later, he served Thanksgiving dinner to Bagram personnel at Khoele Dining Facility. Senior Airman Kayla Newman/Air Force

WASHINGTON — As defense secretary, Ashton Carter would face a daunting pile of problems at home and abroad. And then there are the unforeseen crises, the ones that explode onto a Pentagon chief's agenda without warning. Chuck Hagel, the man Carter would replace if confirmed, as expected, by the Senate, has noted that when he took the job in Feb... more

Entrepreneur Building Warship, Ready to Sell

Greg Sancoff talks about the design of the “Ghost," his newly designed warship vessel, on the grounds of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. (Jim Cole, AP)

KITTERY, Maine — Even on land, the Ghost looks futuristic and fast. The angular vessel looks like a waterborne stealth fighter. It rides atop underwater torpedo-shaped tubes powered by a pair of 2,000-horsepower gas turbine engines. Gyroscopes keep the ride smooth. Sadly, Ghost is all revved up with no place to go. The brainchild of a wealthy ... more

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