Defense Budget

Kendall Eyes More Funding for Industrial Base


This article first appeared in AWIN First. The Pentagon's top procurement official is considering a strategy of funding research and development projects despite ongoing budget pressure, a slight shift from his fervent push to only proceed with well understood, affordable programs. Frank Kendall, under secretary of defense for acquisition, say... more

Cuts to Ranks May Shock, But It's Happened Before

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COLUMBIA, S.C. - A war over, the Army heeds Congress' demands to cuts costs by paring its ranks. But the nation's economy is weak, and unemployment rates are high. It's an uncertain time for thousands of service members and their families. Sound like today? It's a scenario that has played out previously when big conflicts end, most recently two... more

Man Sets Himself on Fire on the National Mall

man on fire on national mall

WASHINGTON - A man set himself on fire on the National Mall in the nation's capital as passers-by rushed over to help put out the flames, officials and witnesses said Friday afternoon. The reason for the self-immolation was not immediately clear and the man's identity was not disclosed. But it occurred in public view, on a central national gath... more

Budget Cuts Could Limit Military's Pacific Pivot

WASHINGTON -- Budget constraints and force requirements in other regions will likely stall the Pentagon's plans to beef up the U.S. military presence in the Asia-Pacific and send more high-tech weaponry to deter a rising China, officials and analysts say.  DoD released its $496 billion fiscal 2015 budget request earlier this month. Due to caps ... more

Budget Deal May Head Off Pay Freezes, Furloughs

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WASHINGTON -- A budget deal struck late Monday by Congress could avert a government shutdown this winter and protect troops and Defense Department civilians from pay freezes and furloughs. Republicans and Democrats agreed to raise caps on federal spending for two years, though the new defense spending limit of $607 billion is $5 billion less th... more

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