Crime in the Military

Army Officer Sentenced to Prison Term for Child Pornography

An officer stationed at Fort Gordon was sentenced Wednesday to 17 1/2 years in prison for child pornography. Second Lt. Cory Griffis, 23, pleaded guilty this year in U.S. District Court. On Wednesday, he apologized for being involved in child pornography. Griffis said it wasn't until his arrest that he realized he was also guilty of victimizin... more

Air Force Sergeant Jailed When Pen Pal Turns Out to be Investigator

An Air Force staff sergeant was sentenced to 11 years in prison after the teenage Craigslist pen pal he was inappropriately emailing turned out to be a sex crimes investigator, court records show. Steven Romel, 32, formerly of the Orlando area, recieved his sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty to enticement of a child for sex in July, accord... more

Oakdale Man Arrested on Army Desertion Warrant

Modesto police arrested an Oakdale man Tuesday night on a federal warrant of desertion from the Army. Modesto police contacted Matthew Brumer, 28, near Oakdale Road and Merle Avenue after a concerned 911 caller asked that police check on his safety, said police spokeswoman Heather Graves. Officers learned during their contact with Brumer, who ... more

LAPD Officer Accused of Faking Military Documents to Get Paid Leave

A veteran Los Angeles Police officer was arrested Tuesday on charges of stealing public funds related to allegedly submitting fictitous military leave documents on several occasions. Christine Bulicz, a 15-year LAPD officer and a California Army National Guard member, is alleged to have submitted fake military documents that allowed her to take... more

Double 'Wet Willy' Lands Airman in Jail


MANKATO -- Giving a stranger a wet Willy could get you an annoying look, a profanity riddled verbal response or even a punch in the nose. When that stranger is a police officer on duty, it turns out it's a crime -- a crime that a Mankato officer thought was more than an extra gross misdemeanor. He responded to the wet pokes to his ears by hauli... more

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