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The Air Force Association (AFA) is a non-profit, independent, professional military and aerospace education association promoting public understanding of aerospace power and the pivotal role it plays in the security of the nation. The annual AFA Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition brings together Air Force leadership and industry experts from around the world to discuss the issues and challenges facing America and the aerospace community today. The Technology Exposition also features aerospace exhibitions displaying and demonstrating the latest breakthroughs in air and space technology.

Air Force Nuclear Personnel to Get Bump in Pay

In this photo taken June 24, 2014, 2nd Lt. Oliver Parsons, left, and 1st Lt. Andy Parthum go through a checklist in the underground control room where they work a 24-hour shift at an ICBM launch control facility at Minot Air Force Base. Charlie Riedel/AP

WASHINGTON — Missileers and some enlisted airmen will soon see a boost in their paychecks, Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James announced Monday. Effective October 1, officers manning the nation's launch control centers will receive an additional $300 per month in incentive pay. Airmen in certain enlisted fields throughout the n... more

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