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DoD Integrated Lodging Pilot Program

The Department of Defense recently launched an Integrated Lodging Program Pilot that will provide quality government and commercial lodging with better services at reduced rates. Travelers TDY for 30 days or less to select DoD locations will be directed to book lodging in the Defense Travel System (DTS) and use government or preferred commercial lodging before other lodging accommodations. To support this new program, DTS will be modified to guide travelers to selecting the directed lodging at the TDY location. Also, the system will automatically secure a non-availability confirmation number when directed government lodging is not available. The pilot is authorized to run through 2019 and the Defense Travel Management Office expects that additional pilot sites will be added along the way. More information, including FAQs and a description of the new DTS functionality, is available on the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) website.

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