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Schedules & Timelines - Air Force 8.5 Week BMT

You'll begin your career in the Air Force with Basic Military Training (BMT). You'll work hard and be challenged, as you stretch yourself and discover that you're capable of more than you ever thought possible. And when you're finished, you'll know that you're ready for anything that life can throw at you.

BMT is located in San Antonio, Texas. You will spend eight and half weeks learning many new things. It all starts with zero week, listed after each week is a list of activities which you will be doing that week.

Click here to download and hourly breakdown of each week of BMT. ( .pdf format)


In-processing -- Drug and Health Screening,Code of Conduct, Hair Cuts -- Dorm and Basic Marching and Drill Movements, Flight Assignment, Uniform Clothing and Equipment issue I, Flight Assignment, Individual duty assignment, Entry Control Procedures

WEEK 1: 

Law Of Armed Conflict, Reporting and Saluting, Medical and Dental Appointments, Immunizations, Identification Card Issue, Human Relations Class, Warriors Role, Nutrition, Weapons Issue, Weapons Cleaning, and Initial PT Evaluation.

WEEK 2: 

Formation of Flight, Personal Fitness, Dorm Inspection, Personal Appearance, Temper Tent Training, Drill Positions and Marching, Job Classification Interviews.


Self Aid and Buddy Care, Personal Interviews, Flight Drill, Parade Marching/Drill, Security, Mental Preparation for Combat, Leadership, Formal Retreat, Flight Pictures.


BMT Obstacle Course, Antiterrorism and Force Protection I, Security Training, Tactical Course, Nuclear Biological & Chemical Training, Second Uniform Clothing Issue.

WEEK 5: 

Mental Combat Prep, CPR Certification, Code of Conduct, Basic Situational Awareness, Ceremonial Drill/Marching, Basic Leadership, and Marksmanship Roster,.

WEEK 6: 

Drills, MRE Brief, Tactical Assualt Course, Code of Conduct Video, Deployment Processing and Equipment Issue.

WEEK 7: 

Military Citizenship, Air Force History, Air FOrce Organization, M9 (9MM) Pistol training, Final PT Eval, Joint Warfare, Ethics, Comat Stress Recovery, and Environmental Awareness.

WEEK 8: 

Air Force Coin Ceremony, Technical School Brief, Commander's Departure Brief, Town Pass Briefing, Pick up Travel Orders, Airman's Run, GRADUATION PARADE!!

A Typical Day at BMT:






PC. One day you run, the next day you do aerobic exercises.




Dorm setup.


Drilling, classes, record checks, shots, uniform issue, etc.




Classroom instruction.




Set up the dorm for nighttime.


Lights out.

Zero week, initial Uniform and Gear issue list:

Civilian Clothing will only be worn for the first couple of days at Basic training. Once you are issued clothing and equipment you are responsible for marking each item for identification and maintaining proper appearance standards.  The initial clothing issue includes:

For Men and Women
1 Duffel Bag
1pr of Combat Boots
1pr of Running Shoes
1pr Leather Gloves
4 Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) Trousers
4 BDU Coats
2 BDU Caps
1 Belt
1 Belt Buckle
6 *Briefs
4pr Cotton Socks
4pr Wool Socks
5 Brown Tee Shirts
2 Towels
2 Physical Conditioning (PC) T-shirts
2 PC Shorts
1pr Sweatpants
1 Sweatshirt

*Women are given a 1-time cash allotment in order to buy their own undergarments

Week 3 Uniform Issue list:

During week 3 you will be issued your Service Dress Uniform and accessories.  It is important to wear the uniform properly and maintain a professional appearance and uphold the honor of our nation, our service, and yourself.  The items you will receive in this clothing issue are:

Men's Issue
1pr Low Quarter Shoes
2 Ties
1pr U.S. Insignia
5 White T-shirts
1 Flight Cap
1 Belt
1 Belt Buckle
3 Long Sleeve Blue Shirts
3 Short Sleeve Blue Shirts
4pr Blue Pants
1 Service Coat
1 Light weight Jacket
1 All Weather Coat

Women's Issue
1pr Low Quarter Shoes
2 Neck Tabs
1pr U.S. Insignia
2 Skirts
1 Garrison Cap
1 Belt
1 Belt Buckle
3 Long Sleeve Blue Shirts
3 Short Sleeve Blue Shirts
2pr Blue Slacks
1 Service Coat
1 Light weight Jacket
1 All Weather Coat
1 Black Handbag

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