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    Modular Tactical Vest

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    Mission: Individual protection against rifle, pistol and fragmentation

    Level III Kevlar; Level IV SAPI

    Protective Products International


    The Marine Corps believes in providing Marines with the most advanced personal body armor. The Improved Modular Tactical Vest delivers not only better protection, but also enhanced maneuverability. The new protective equipment provides increased comfort, a more efficient combat load weight distribution, greater ease of weapons handling and reduced weight. The standard IMTV offers protection against shrapnel and 9mm pistol rounds. Marines are always issued Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts, commonly called "SAPI Plates," which fit inside the IMTV and provide protection against rifle rounds.

    Some of the unique features include:

    • Larger neck hole for easier head movement
    • Quick release system for rapid discard
    • Adjustable protective inserts to reduce arm movement interference
    • Shoulder protection designed for greater arm and shoulder mobility
    • Easier for Marines to shoulder their rifles