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    Ghillie Suit Accessory Kit

    • Ghillie Suit Accessory Kit
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    Mission: Counter-surveillance protection for snipers and scouts

    The Ghillie Suit Accessory Kit provides surveillance units and snipers with various camouflage multifunctional materials. They can construct, repair and modify ghillie suits to meet unique mission and climatic requirements.

    The upgrade kit consists of universal netting, over whites, flame-resistant jute, nylon cord, sewing kit, camo pack, zip ties, dye packs, seam grip Cordura, nylon webbing, Fast-tex fasteners, gun sleeve, hook and loop and suspenders. These materials are used to fabricate and maintain one ghillie suit. The accessory kit upgrade affords the soldier enhanced agility, multi-system operability and anti-odor and anti-microbial properties.