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Health Professionals Loan Repayment Program

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If you are a health professional and have student loans to repay, you may be eligible to have your loans paid for by the military under the Health Professionals Loan Repayment Program (HPLRP).

Types of Loans Covered

Eligible loans include:

  • A loan made, insured, or guaranteed under the Higher Education Act of 1965. The William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program is included in this act.
  • A health professions education loan made or insured under part A of title VII of the Public Health Service Act or under part B of title VIII of such Act; and
  • A loan made, insured, or guaranteed through a recognized financial or educational institution. That loan must have been used to finance education regarding a health profession that the Secretary of Defense determines to be critically needed in times of war.


To be eligible, you must:

  • Perform satisfactory service as an officer in the Selected Reserve of an armed force; and
  • Possess professional qualifications, or be enrolled in a program of education leading to professional qualifications, in a health profession that the Secretary of Defense has determined to be needed critically in order to meet identified wartime combat medical skill shortages.


The amount of repayment of a loan is determined by your length of service after the date on which the loan was made. The military will repay a maximum of $40,000 per year (minus 25% taxes). 

Contact your recruiter or chain of command for more information.

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