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Alaska Sea Service Scholarships

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The Alaska Sea Services Scholarship awards up to six $1,000 scholarships annually for undergraduate education to dependent children and spouses of Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel who legally claim Alaska as their state of residence. Applications are accepted each year from November 1 through 27 selection board, which convenes in April.

Citizens of Alaska raised funds for a $10,000 war bond as a gift to the USS JUNEAU (CL 52) during World War II. After the sinking of the USS JUNEAU (CL 52), this gift was to have been presented to the USS ALASKA (CB 1), but the USS ALASKA (CB 1) was decommissioned before the presentation. Consequently, the governor of the territory of Alaska and the Secretary of the Navy agreed that the bond would be left on deposit in the First National Bank of Juneau until the USS ALASKA (CB 1) was recommissioned or another appropriate application could be found.

In 1986, the Navy established the Alaska Sea Services fund.

To be considered for the Alaska Sea Services Scholarship, an applicant must be the dependent (child or spouse) of a legal resident of the state of Alaska who is, or was at the time of death/designation as missing-in-action, a regular or reserve U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard member on active-duty, inactive duty, or retired with or without pay.

Selected candidates will be those who rate highest in five key areas below:

  1. Academic proficiency;
  2. Character;
  3. Leadership ability;
  4. Community involvement; and
  5. Financial need.

A selection board will be held by the Navy League Foundation. The selected nominee packages will then be submitted to Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) for final approval, after which selectees will be notified and scholarship funds will be disbursed to the appropriate academic institution.

Up to six $1,000 scholarships are awarded to applicants who meet the specified criteria. Applicants must also show acceptance at an accredited college or university for full-time undergraduate study for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

No more than two scholarship awards may be given to any individual during pursuit of the four-year degree.

For details visit the Navy League website.

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