U.S. Marine Corps Dress Blue UniformEvery detail of the Marine Corps Dress Blue uniform reflects the proud legacy of the Corps and those who have served over the last two centuries. In fact, the buttons featuring the eagle and anchor have been on the uniform since 1804, making them the oldest military insignia in continued use. 

Like the other service branches, the Marine Corps has several uniforms for specific situations and events. These include the Evening Dress Uniform, Blue Dress Uniform, Blue-White Dress Uniform, Service Uniform, and the Combat Utility Uniform. Each of these uniforms differ depending on rank, manner of wear, and specific components. For example the Marine Corps Blue Dress Uniform can be designated A, B, C, and D depending on the particular components (medals, ribbons, head gear, sword, etc.) and the Marine's rank.

The Marine Combat Utility Uniform comes in either woodland or desert camo patterns.

Marine Corps Uniform Resources:

  Marine Corps Uniform Board
  Marine Corps Dress Blues
  Marine Corps Ribbon Checker (unofficial)
  Marine Corps Uniform Regulations (pdf)
  Instructions for Wear of the Uniform, Medals and Ribbons

A complete guide to the Marine Corps' uniform policy including medals, awards, grooming standards and associated images and regulations can be found in the Marine Corps Uniform Regulations. (pdf)

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