U.S. Army Service Dress UniformThe U.S. Army Service Uniform can trace its roots back to 1779. It is this sense of tradition that makes the Army uniform unique in many ways. Like the other services the Army has several uniforms including the Army Combat Uniform (ACU), the Army Green Service Uniform and the Blue Army Service Uniform. Each is to be worn in specific situations. In addition, each of the Army's service dress uniforms has a specific manner of wear based on the Soldier's rank.

Army Uniform Resources:

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  Army Uniform Regulations (AR 670-1) (pdf)

A complete guide to the Army's uniform policy including medals, awards, grooming standards and associated images and regulations can be found in the Army Uniform Regulations AR 670-1.

Click on the following links to learn more about each service’s current uniforms, uniform policies, changes and updates:

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