Earn money as transport driver once a week

Posted by 35979374 at 4:26 AM 3/3/2017

Looking for airman stationed and living at CAFB who could pick up a passenger residing at the Midland Residential Home (adjacent to the base) once a week and driving resident from the Midland Residential Home to the McDonalds Restaurant on Highway 17 near the end of 526. Driver will leave resident at McDonalds Restaurant to be picked up by another driver who will drive him the rest of the trip to Johns Island near Headquarters Island. Driver will of course be paid for round trip drive.
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35979374 4:39 AM 3/3/2017

Midland resident visits his family on Johns Island every weekend and needs transportation from Midland Residential to McDonalds Restaurant in West Ashley, and then older father or mother can pick son (Midland Resident) up at McDonalds and drive him to parent's home on Johns Island. As mentioned before. Driver will be paid for his gas and services as arranged btwn both parties.

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