Naval Branch Health Clinic

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Tel: (904) 270-4446
Tel: (904) 270-3248 (Appointments)
1204 Massey Avenue
Mayport, FL 32228-0000
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Naval Station Mayport
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janes11335:42 PM 8/24/13

Dr Tonya Bolton, who was recently transferred, is one of the most unethical and irresponsible doctors that I have ever met in my entire life. They are like a gang over there, just like mafia. Very disappointing with the Navy medicine by keeping such trashy doctors such as Dr Bolton.

iarepilotswife8:48 PM 11/19/13

I usually don't do this but I felt compelled to leave a comment after reading janes1133's comment. I have to agree with janes1133 that Dr. Bolton is very unprofessional. I saw her after having some breathing trouble and heart palpitations and she actually chuckled at my complaints and did nothing to help figure out what was going on. I felt silly and humiliated for coming into the clinic and left after a the very brief appointment without asking any more questions. Luckily, my issues turned out to be anxiety and I was able to work through it on my own. But it was no thanks to Dr. Bolton.

tonya_bolton2:07 AM 1/8/14

To both janes1133 and iarepilotswife, I sincerely apologize for being incapable of providing uplifting care to both you and most of all seeming as though I am uncaring. While it is in fact impossible to please everyone, it is always unacceptable treat people as you both have described. It hurts to be advertised trashy, unethical, and unprofessional, but if I failed at performing my duties, I can understand your frustration. I am truly sorry. I have transferred from the branch clinic, but on my own terms. I have personally taken the above grievances to my former chain of command as I am a reflection of the clinic. I cannot take back my actions, but hope to prove my sincerity by publicly apologizing.

154630443:31 PM 5/7/14

I absolutely dread any time I have to go to the clinic, I feel like a number and they rush through my appointment. When I have a serious concern, not life or death, and call to get in it takes a week to get in to the doctor at best and they say they will have a nurse call, well they have 48 hours to do so. At 27 weeks pregnant I called because I was concerned I was getting bronchitis and they said they would have a nurse call because no appointments were available, 2 days later I get the phone call, actually I got 4 phone calls in an hour as if it were finally emergent enough that they really needed to talk to me. If I would have had bronchitis I don't think that would have been something good to wait 2 days to hear from someone about. I have basically resorted to when I have a problem I just go on to the ER at NAS which is completely ridiculous to me and frustrating for them.

1862582212:23 PM 6/27/14

Going to the pharmacy at Mayport takes longer than it does to see the doctor. You can expect to wait up to 2 hours. Heavens forbid if you are sick and not feeling well in the first place. You do not feel like sitting in a waiting room forever. All you want to do is get home and rest. Also, whot want to wait around in a room that is filled with other peoples that are sick germs. It is rediculous. You pull a ticket, then you wait forever to get called and when you do get call, you can expect to wait forever again. They have new equipment but it seems that it got worse instead of better. I want to get all of my medicine shipped in the mail but because of the extremely hot weather in Florida, I am afraid that it could somehow damage the medicines. Certainly something can be done.

1862582212:37 PM 6/27/14

On early Monday morning around 8:00a.m., I went to the Mayport Family Cinic to get a perscription filled. After filling out paperwork stating the perscription information, I saw the desk clerk pass it along to Mrs. Goodhue. She came out into the waiting area and asked if I could come back after 3:00p.m. to pick up the perscription because the doctor was busy and would be able to sign the order after then. I knew that it would be a long wait at the pharmacy at that time of the day, so I decided to wait until the following morning. On Tuesday, I pulled the ticket for the pharmacy and the time was 7:36a.m., after approximately a 30 minute wait, I was called up to the desk. The pharmacy technician stated that there were nothing in the system for me. She said that I would have to go back to Family Medicine and ask them to put the perscrition in the system. I went back and Mrs. Goodhue said that she did not get a request from me nor did she get the request form. To make a long story short but not the visit, I left the Family Medicine Clinic after 9:30a.m.

340549773:05 PM 8/21/15

I have been waiting now for 72 hours to hear back on a culture that they claimed they would have in 24 hours. I left my information this morning (0750) because my provider was in with a patient. It is now 1100 and I called again and nobody picked up. From my understanding Fridays are early days, so maybe I will wait another 72 hours to hear back for an issue that is very important to me and my pregnant wife.

359704082:46 PM 2/28/17

I just wanted to leave a comment regarding the NS Mayport Pharmacy. My husband is retired Navy and not only am I grateful for his service, I am grateful for this particular benefit. Yes, I have waited any where from 45 minutes to 2 hours (rarely as I avoid Monday). I tried Express Scripts for the scripts that did not require monthly recertification and it was frustrating, generated co-pays that are non-existent at the base pharmacy. I paid up to 200.00 a month for needed scripts post accident out of pocket prior to making the trip once a month to Mayport. From the gate entry to a stop at the NEX or Commisary on the way home it has always been a positive experience. In fact the treatment by the pharmacy personnel is most professional and decent unlike a couple experiences I have had at other pharmacies. The technicians are always very patient, respectful and helpful. Questions are always answered. My wait time is used with a great book or a little cell phone research with the wifi available in the waiting area. I move my seat to avoid someone actively coughing and sneezing and even grab a mask just in case. I have chatted with some very nice folks during these waiting times. Overall, I am very grateful for getting my prescriptions filled at $00.00 cost to me. In the event I am prescribed antibiotic - most are available for a very minimal co-pay ( $.75 to $10.00 )at a local pharmacy near my home and I opt for that solution if I am too sick to drive and wait or am reluctant to expose others. To those having less satisfactory experiences here, I hope you find improvement.

365635133:48 PM 1/11/18

Tricare made everyone with prime go to the mayport clinic or to NAS Jax. I didnt have a problem at first but 11 days to see any Doctor is terrible. Last year I came out of the hospital after surgery and they told me to see my primary care provider they wanted me to wait 1 week. The person on the phone told me that most people are not being seen until February. Tricare wants people to come off prime and go to standard which is unacceptable especially with my medical condition. And the hours suck on Friday. I tried to make a appointment on a Friday and was told that they dont have appointments after 130 because it is a Friday. I understand early liberty. The lack of Doctors and appointment wait times closing early on fridays. I guess I should go to the VA and get my appointments that way. So much for insurance. The pharmacy is great and physical therapy is great as well. The rest of it just sucks. ITC (SW/AW) USN Retired

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