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Widows Support Groups

Posted by 28635828 at 6:20 PM 3/12/12

Are there any widows support groups at Ff. Bragg??
Categories: Veterans & Retirees

28635828 11:58 AM 3/17/12

i have looked everywhere and the only ones I can find are those with children seem no one cares about widows who have spentt their entire lives being military and children are now oout of the house. how careless and selfish after all we have been throw and you turn your backs on us nnow when we need you the mosttt

christineeve 3:27 PM 3/26/12

I'm so sorry for your loss. I care. I would suggest that you find the American Widow Project. They are not just for widows with children. They are a loving group of women traveling this journey together and finding help and hope. You are not alone. I would suggest that you go to their site and look for them on Facebook as well. Best wishes and while I don't know your name, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

28635828 9:54 AM 3/31/12

Hi Christy, Thank you so much for you lovely letter and your thoughts and prayers. I feel so lost andalone without my husband and the military community in my life. Your words are great appreciated as well as Marks. God Keep you in his Care and Light, Rev, Teri

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