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Veterans widow needs help

Posted by 28635828 at 6:10 PM 3/12/12

I have recently lost my husband who was a career man. Is there anyone there than can give me some information on housing and such?? I need to move out of Calif.. Need a change without hi but want to keep the military in my life somehow. So thought I'd move East in a Military community . I guess once military always military. Although, I am ill, and retired I haave three degrees and wowrking on my 4th. I' love to help out anyone I can. Most people use my talents in interior decorating the most. LOL But I also have a masters in Nursing and I am a minister. Workiing on phych degree to help with my coucil in my pastorship. Is this a nice place to live? Looking for a little rental just for myself now. What I need is someone who has a moment who can help me decide if this is the place for me. Thank you for anyone who cares to help. Rev. Teri Lydell
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20516972 9:16 PM 3/23/12

Sorry for your loss! I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran and my wife and I are also relocating to fayetteville as soon as we find as house. Our search begins at the end of March and we hope to find a home on our first trip the local realtors have helped us very much and some are fromer or retired military. I was stationed and got out of the army when I was stationed at FT. Bragg we are looking around fayetteville for a home so we are close to the post exchange and commisary. Your degrees may be of service to the military, there are many soliders coming home with PTSD and are in need of medical and spirtual help many of them like I become addicts and some like me find recovery and other die from the disease. There is also a VA medical center in fayetteville and I hope you find what you are looking for good luck to you. M. Alexander

28635828 1:23 AM 3/26/12

Hi Mark, Thank you so much for answering. It was very helpful and thoughtful. I would love to coucil any member who might need it. I have used all my knowledge to help several young men and women who are returning home. I feel very blessed in doing so. I have worked a great deal with PTSD persons who really needed the help but wanted to keep it confidential. I enjoy what I do when I can make a person let go and realize just how valuable they are. If ever I can be of help (long distance) my email is: I worked recovery for many years as a nurse and also for battered womens syndrome, which is a form of .PTSD. You have a lovely heart to reach out to me and give me hope. I wish you and your family the best. In God's Love and Light Rev. T

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