Delivering 2 Million Coffee Cups to the Troops

Schneider truck delivers coffee cups

Did you know that the nation's breakfast beverage of choice, coffee, dates to before the Civil War? The relationship between soldiers and the aromatic beverage started in 1832 when President Andrew Jackson ordered coffee and sugar to be added to the daily military food ration as a replacement to the daily spirit allowance. The substitution of coffee and sugar led to improvements in soldiers' health, efficiency and morale.

That's why it made so much sense when the First Congregational Church of Wallingford, Conn., started a nonprofit organization called Holy Joe's Café in 2006. The volunteer-based group sends free coffee to deployed chaplains (ministers associated with a military unit or hospital) in support of their ministry to U.S. troops. Since its creation, Holy Joe's Café has supported more than 1,200 chaplains. These chaplains have created a network of cafés throughout Afghanistan and Kuwait for troops to enjoy the taste of fresh-brewed coffee.

Small touches of home can have a big impact on soldiers' morale and welfare. The warming effects of a cup of coffee on a soldier's body and soul are as important as its caffeine content. Back in the states, coffee shops line the street corners, but in places like Afghanistan comforts like a cup of coffee are few and far between!

Schneider National joined the Holy Joe's Cafe national outreach in 2012 and has since delivered eight truckloads, approximately 2.4 million K-Cups total, of coffee to U.S. military bases across the country! Upon delivery, the coffee is then shipped overseas to chaplain-run cafés scattered throughout international combat zones.

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