Top 5 Seasonal Industries Hiring Now

Loading a delivery truck with heavy cargo.

Finding long-term employment can be a challenge, but during the holiday season new opportunities spring up to match the shopping boom. According to Market Watch, there are five industries that require extra help which we've covered for you below. Whether you need to pay the bills, earn job experience, or just get out of the house, now is the perfect time to get up and do something.

Retail – If there's one industry that needs extra help during the holidays, it's retail. No matter how poorly the economy is doing, sales figures boom when shoppers venture out en masse for presents and decorations. Although some companies claim to halt seasonal hiring in late October, there are many who don't. Furthermore, seasonal employees aren't always reliable, and new positions may open up as the months go on. If you need to pay the bills, seasonal retail employment will help boost your income and may provide you with a foot in the door towards something more stable.

Delivery – Next on the ladder of booming seasonal business is delivery. Whether it's the post office, a major delivery service, or a local brand, everyone will be shipping more packages this time of year than any other, and they'll need extra hands to do it. If you aren't capable of hauling heavy packages or driving for long periods of time, don't worry: there are plenty of temporary administrative positions like customer service and office support available.

Tax Season – At the end of every holiday season lies tax season, and that too requires support in droves. While there are some companies who hire additional tax preparers, there are a number of jobs to be filled that don't require a four-year degree. Big companies are a good bet, but so is the IRS. Be on the lookout for data transcribing, tax expert, and customer-service positions. Don't worry: many companies will provide training after you're employed.

Winter Resorts – Winter holidays mean winter vacations, so if you live near a snowy area, you may have some luck applying to ski resorts and the like. There are a variety of positions required to operate them including guest surveyor, guest service ambassador, ticket seller, and yoga instructor. These places tend to be out of the way, so spend time doing research on what's available before driving for miles to turn in your resume.

Volunteer – If you absolutely need to make rent, this isn't the option for you, but if you can afford the time then volunteering can provide experience, connections, and satisfaction. Volunteer organizations from coast to coast need help during the holidays including package sorting, social work, working at an orphanage, and more. Volunteering doesn't come with pay or guarantees, but if you approach it the right way you might have something to put down on your resume, or even a potential job opportunity.

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