Top 10 Rewarding Jobs

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Everyone has different goals when looking for a job. Your first concern might be earning a paycheck to maintain a decent standard of living. But, if you can afford to be picky, think about what you want out of a job and which careers will fulfill those desires. Many prospective employees place high value on job satisfaction. If you crave a job that's rewarding, The Blaze has collected data that points to 10 jobs that provide high rates of satisfaction.

1. Entrepreneur – Working as an entrepreneur carries one of the highest risk vs. reward factors: it can severely harm your financial stability, or it can become a lucrative and fulfilling career. Entrepreneurs enjoy a great deal of freedom in pursuing their goals, but success requires intense research and trial and error. Only those with the financial stability and proper planning are cut out to become an entrepreneur, but the right education and time can help provide both.

2. WordPress Developer – Blogs haven't shown any signs of slowing down since they splashed down on the internet, and WordPress is one of the top blogging tools around. WordPress developers don't develop for the backend system, they customize designs and layouts for other people to suit their needs. Developing for WordPress professionally means acting as your own boss, but to be successful requires hard work and drive.

3. Business Development Executive – Business development executives, in a broad sense, help grow their company. They do this by finding new distribution channels for existing products, research and negotiate acquiring smaller companies, exploring joint venture opportunities, discover new methods of selling products to existing customers, and more. Similar to other positions on this list, it carries a large share of risk but can be very rewarding.

4. Loan Officer – Loan officers are in charge of approving various types of loans depending on their position. They do this by underwriting, which is the process of collecting information about the applicant and determining their needs and whether or not they fit the requirements of the loan.

5. Recruiter – Recruiter's track down and contact top talent to fit their company's hiring goals. This job requires strong interpersonal skills as well as the ability to build and leverage a strong professional network. It's one part treasure hunt and tow parts people skills.

6. Customer Service Representative – If you like working with people and troubleshooting problems, the customer service position might suit you. Working in customer service covers a wide range of products and services, but every representative must work with customers through phone, email, or instant message to ensure that their problems are solved. A strong passion for solving problems is required to overcome the stress of dealing with a broad range of people with varying levels of comprehension skills.

7. Video Editor – If you love film, working as a video editor is a great career to consider. These professionals take project footage and put it together while adding whatever effects are necessary to create a polished project. While they don't have total creative control, they do make a big impact on the final product. The industry is competitive, so success requires networking and strong skills.

8. Photographer – If you want to work with film, have creative control, and be your own boss, work as a freelance photographer. You'll have to network and build up a strong portfolio for the career to be viable, but the satisfaction of success may outstrip time spent behind a desk in an office.

9. Social-Media Manager – Companies are savvy to the ebb and flow of the internet, and right now social media is a strong force in company branding, promotion, and marketing. Social media managers specialize in leveraging websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to interact with their customers in a direct way. This job tends to require technical savvy, editing ability, and basic marketing knowledge.

10. Field Service Technician – Working as a field service technician can be very rewarding if you enjoy working with your hands. It requires technical-minded professionals who enjoy problem solving and working under time constraints.

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