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Life can be complicated and stressful, especially if you're orienting yourself in the civilian world after years in the military. If you're transitioning soon or just need work now, think carefully about the type of job you need. Many people prefer virtual work because it tends to provide flexible hours, and it removes the cost and time that comes with commuting. Insider Monkey has taken data from Forbes and put together the top 10 best paying virtual jobs which we've commented on for you below. If you think working at home is the right choice for you, here are some of the most lucrative opportunities that fit your needs.

1. Teleradiologist – Teleradiologists have the best virtual job you've never heard of. The salary is high, but you have to earn it. Teleradiologists start as radiologists first, then obtain certain types of licenses to be qualified to read radiological scans remotely. This requires expertise in basic X-Ray scans and more modern CT scans. This job does require a bit of self-marketing, but the payoff is worth it. Average Salary: $100,000 – $400,000

2. Telepharmacist – Becoming a telepharmacist first requires success as a pharmacist. The virtual version of the job may sound great, but it does require all the standard education and certification. Although the job requires less in the way of human interaction, it allows professionals to access remote communities to provide the service and care of a professional pharmacist. Average Salary: $112,000

3. Telenurse – Telenursing inherently requires physical distance between nurse and patient, but the same expert interpersonal skills are required. This job allows for nurses to treat more patients per day than those who make physical rounds, but does limit the number of tasks that can be completed. Average Salary: $65,000

4. Technical Writer – Technical writing is just what it sounds like, so you must be able to write with a high degree of clarity. Be prepared to digest and repeat large volumes of technical jargon. If you don't like writing or dread the thought of producing clear manual-style literature, this job isn't for you. But, you do get to write all day and the salaries tend to be generous. Average Salary: $63,000

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5. Online Post-Secondary Teacher – Teaching is opening up many non-traditional opportunities, including virtual work for post-secondary students. There are a lot of online universities out there, and each one needs teachers. You'll lose the face to face interaction with students, but specialty universities tend to provide a suite of tools to aid the teaching process. Average Salary: $62,000

6. Translator – Translation comes with a variety of environments and requirements depending on the type of translations you provide. But, whether you're assisting ESL patients in a hospital or converting foreign literature for American audiences, it can be very creative and rewarding. However, if you work as a translator remotely, you'll most likely be working on texts. Average Salary: $43,000

7. Virtual Assistant: There are plenty of professionals in all industries that need help managing their daily activities. Virtual assistants are secretaries of the digital age: while many still work inside offices, it is possible to do the job from home. Attention to detail and excellent time management skills are a must for this position. Average Salary - $34,660

8. Virtual Tax Preparer – Handling finances is the type of service that few people want to do but everyone needs. This goes almost double for handling taxes. If you have the proper education and certification, and you enjoy helping folks navigate complex tax laws, try linking with an online tax preparation site and save folks some money. Average Salary: $39,000

9. Medical Transcriptionist – When it comes to lucrative writing, often the most reliable jobs are the most routine. Medical transcriptionists take the voice recordings of health care professionals, and write them down for documentation. If you can handle the work, it's a great way to make some money from home. Average Salary: $33,000

10. Customer Service Representative – Customer service isn't a job to take lightly, and doing it well requires great interpersonal skills. A cheerful demeanor is a huge plus, but if you can fake that you'll just need enormous quantities of patience. Not all customer service positions are created equally, but if you can land a position that lets you work from home, it may fit in with your lifestyle more than a traditional desk job. Average Salary: $30,000

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