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In addition to being widely known as an award-winning IT outsourcing company, CompuCom is acclaimed for their ongoing commitment to military heroes. Their diverse workforce of 11,500 associates is comprised of hundreds of active, retired or ex-military veterans, their spouses and family members. CompuCom recognizes the value, dedication, experience, and work ethic these individuals bring to the workplace — and actively supports all veterans.

As a current member of the Texas Army National Guard and a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, Jeffrey Novotny understands the rewards and challenges that come with building a military career and professional career simultaneously. Novotny takes pride in his dual roles which often mirror one another. In the U.S. Army, his responsibilities have included the accountability of up to 290 soldiers, along with over $10-million worth of equipment. As a Program Management Senior Manager at CompuCom, Novotny leads over 20 Engineers and Project Managers delivering nearly $8-million in annual revenue.

Novotny can also attest to the ongoing support system at CompuCom. Since joining the company, Novotny has been deployed twice, spending 16 months and 10 months respectively, away from his management position. He is amazed at the unbelievable assistance he received from his peers, supervisors and head leadership. Upon return, Novotny was able to return to his role with seamless effort. And, Novotny adds, “CompuCom has been very appreciative” of his service. “CompuCom’s culture is win-win”, says Novotny.

The same values learned and applied in the U.S. military will be valued in a civilian career as well. CompuCom encourages employees to develop and grow inside the organization with a view toward promoting from within.

Meet Timothy Shea, a former Army Ordnance Officer. Shea started with CompuCom as a Senior Vice President and was able to use the skills that were gained through his tenure in the military to become an engaged and positive leader. Possessing this type of attitude has led the pathway for his career as a successful Chief Administrative Officer and senior leader at CompuCom. The communication, leadership and teamwork skills Shea learned in the military are just a handful of the many great assets he transferred to his civilian career. “The same skills that you use in the military are VERY important for an employer”, says Shea. “The values of integrity, respect, excellence,  and a sense of urgency that I felt were critical in the military are very similar to the core values that CompuCom lives by day-to-day.”

Shea also found the transition from the military was relatively easy. At CompuCom, the environment is very welcoming and inclusive, and the military work ethic makes for a good cultural fit. When Shea left the military, he didn’t expect to work with an equally dedicated and talented group of people. But that’s exactly what he found at CompuCom.

With openings in over 100 offices throughout North America, Latin America and India, a career at CompuCom can encompass diverse assignments as either a full-time employee or contract consultant. CompuCom offers a wide variety of career paths as well as an array of benefits that promote work/life balance:

  • Challenging, rewarding work
  • Stable company
  • Great pay and benefits
  • Ongoing support
  • Training and certifications
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Upward mobility
  • Opportunities to lead and manage
  • Choice of geographic location
  • Pride in the job
  • Teamwork and camaraderie
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