9 Programming Skills and the Jobs They Could Lead To

Knowing a programming language is a very strong skill to have in today's job market. The tech industry isn't showing any signs of slowing down, and programming is now a ubiquitous part of business in the U.S. While you might be excited to dive into the tech world, there are many different languages to learn and each one opens up different job opportunities. Whether you have a language in mind or you need a place to start, check out ITworld's breakdown of nine programming languages and the jobs they can lead to. 1. SQL – SQL stands for structured query language. This language is used to update and retrieve data from databases. Top Jobs: Developer, Analyst, Software Engineer

2. JavaScript – Javacript is a primary tool in developing content for the internet. Every modern HTML page uses this language. Top Jobs: Developer, Web Developer, Java Developer

3. Java – Currently owned by Oracle, Java is used for numerous web applications including games, complex calculations, and viewing 3D objects. Top Jobs: Developer, Software Engineer, Java Developer

4. CSS – Cascading Style Sheets, CSS, is used to dictate the visual and technical style of a document written with a markup language. Top Jobs: Web Developer, Front End Developer, Web Designer

5. C# – Pronounced "see sharp," this language was developed by Microsoft to support software engineering as well as writing for a range of applications from operating systems to smaller, more dedicated functions. Top Jobs: .Net Developer, Net Web Developer, SharePoint Developer

6. Python – Python is a popular programming language used for web development, computing, software development support, and more. Top Jobs: Python Developer, Data Scientist, Linux Engineer

7. C++ – C++ is used as a general-purpose programming language that leans toward system programming. However, it is also useful for desktop applications, servers, and entertainment software. Top Jobs: Software Developer, C++ Developer, iOS Developer

8. Ruby – Developed in the 1990's, Ruby is frequently used to create web applications as well as DevOps. Top Jobs:  Ruby Engineer, Linux DevOps, Windows DevOps

9. jQuery – The most popular JavaScript library in use, jQuery is designed to simplify navigating documents, creating animations, handle events, and more. Top Jobs: Web Developer, Front End Developer, PHP Developer

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