Learning Java and JavaScript May Help You Land a Tech Job


There are plenty of reasons to look for a job in tech. The pay tends to be high, the work is interesting, and many of the skills needed have a wide range of applications. But, working in the tech industry isn't the easiest nut to crack. If you're starting at square one and need to build a core cluster of skills, there are some compelling reasons to choose Java or JavaScript as your first programming languages. Better yet, learn both.

According to IT World, in 2014 Java and JavaScript are neck and neck for most in-demand programming languages, and 2015 isn't showing any signs of that trend slowing down. This information comes from Gooroo, a tech career site that releases the International Tech Careers and Salary Index. Gooroo analyzed over three million job listings in the U.S., Great Britain, and Australia, and the data points to Java and JavaScript as hot, job-worthy languages.

In the words of Gooroo analyst Carl Joseph, "... Java demand in the US & Australia has risen sharply from March/April, and to a lesser extent in GB. This has had an impact in the US where demand for Java currently outpaces JavaScript (by a few percent)."

IT World took a look at the data and discovered that JavaScript was the programming language most frequently listed as a desired skill in each country. Java came in second in the U.S. and Australia, but fourth in Great Britain. The good news for present and future Java-experts is that the demand for Java has increased faster than the demand for JavaScript, meaning it will outstrip JavaScript for the number one spot if the trend continues.

If you're worried about Java and JavasScript becoming irrelevant by the time you finish a four-year degree, don't be. The good news is that it doesn't have to take a full four years in a traditional four year university to learn these languages. There are plenty of cheap or free online schools that provide industry-ready knowledge of these languages and more.

But, do keep in mind that the world of tech can be broad and complex; job requirements vary from region to region and company to company. Some employers may be open to hiring individuals without a four year degree, but others may require one without exceptions. Either way, learning the languages themselves is a solid first step towards landing a job in tech.

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