Most Popular Industries in Each State

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Ever wondered what industries are most popular in a particular state? If you looked at the raw numbers, you’d easily see jobs like retail sales associate at the top of almost every list. However, if you look at the Department of Labor Occupational Employment Statistics for 2013, a few patterns start to become clear. Rather than looking at the pure numbers for highest volume of jobs, Business Insider analyzed which jobs are disproportionately represented in each state. They may not be the most numerous in general, but they certainly are proportionate to other industries. Check out the list below to see if there are any states a prevalent industry that matches your interests.

State Industry
Alabama Metal and Plastic Workers
Alaska Butchers
Arizona Plasterers

Food Processing Workers

California Farm Workers

Atmospheric and Space Scientists

Connecticut Actuaries
Delaware Chemists

Motorboat Operators

Georgia Textile Workers
Hawaii Tour Guides
Idaho Forestry Technicians
Illinois Groundskeepers
Indiana Boilermakers

Agricultural Scientists


Agricultural Equipment Operators

Kentucky Miners
Louisiana Sailors
Maine Loggers

Political Scientists

Massachusetts Biochemists
Michigan Model Makers
Minnesota Food Scientists
Mississippi Upholsterers

Psychiatric Technicians

Montana Forestry Technicians
Nebraska Butchers
Nevada Butchers
New Hampshire

Metal and Plastic Workers

New Jersey

Marriage and Family Therapists

New Mexico Physicists
New York

Fashion Designers

North Carolina

Textile Workers

North Dakota Oil/Gas Drillers
Ohio Foundry Casters
Oklahoma Oil/Gas Drillers
Oregon Loggers
Pennsylvania Survey Researchers
Rhode Island

Electronics Engineers

South Carolina Tire Builders
South Dakota College Residential Advisors
Tennessee Conveyor Operators

Petroleum Engineers

Utah Forestry Technicians

Highway Maintenance Workers


Legal Support


Aircraft Assemblers

West Virginia Miners

Foundry Casters


Oil/Gas Drillers

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