10 Best Jobs in the US for 2015

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While the economy recovers and job growth seems to be on a steady incline, many veterans are still without jobs. Whether you're soon to transition or have been searching for over a year, there are a few ways to focus your search to give yourself a better chance at employment. Glassdoor.com analyzed current job trends and came up with a list of what they believe to be the 25 best jobs in the U.S. for 2015. They scored each role by looking at earning potential, career opportunities, and number of job openings. We've taken a closer look at the top ten for you below.

1. Physician Assistant – Physician assistants don't hold the same degree of responsibility as physicians, but they are responsible for a variety of medical tasks. These professionals review medical histories, conduct exams, treat certain injuries, prescribe medicine, and more. In certain rural areas, a physician assistant might be the primary care provider if the physician needs to make an appearance only a handful of times per week. Job Openings: 45,484 Average Salary: $111,376

2. Software Engineer – Software engineers develop and polish programs that function at the operating system's level. The process includes research, design, development, and testing programs. Product rolls include compiling and network distribution. Job Openings: 104,828 Average Salary: $98,074

3. Business Development Manager – Business development managers do just that: develop a business. The nuts and bolts of the job tend to include pursuing business opportunities, delivering presentations, discussing product development with clients, and more. This job requires strong interpersonal and communications skills as well as training in business. Job Openings: 11,616 Average Salary: $94,907

4. Human Resources Manager – Human resources managers are excellent at working with others and take on a leadership role. They often manage small teams to handle recruitment and hiring efforts as well serving as a liaison between the company and its employees. Job Openings: 8,073 Average Salary: $96,443

5. Finance Manager – Companies large and small all need to keep a careful eye on their finances, and it's up to finance managers to do just that. They ensure that a company is financially healthy by delivering reports, directing investment activities, and creating long-term financial strategies. Job Openings: 9,728 Average Salary: $122,865

6. Marketing Manager – Marketing departments do more than just advertise products, and the marketing manager oversees it all. Marketing managers are in charge of a company's marketing policy, and that includes analyzing consumer demand, identifying new markets, developing pricing strategies, and more. Job Openings: 14,647 Average Salary: $100,130

7. Database Administrator – We live in a word of data, and large organizations require advanced databases to keep track of it all. Database administrators monitor and maintain these databases so that information is easily accessible and as accurate as possible. Furthermore, these professionals often must secure information against unauthorized users. This profession requires advanced technical knowledge focusing on specific types of software. Job Openings: 9,790 Average Salary: $97,835

8. Product Manager – Product managers are the overseers of a company's products. Their job is to understand what they do, who needs or wants them, and how to make them better. The job title is frequently interpreted differently depending on the industry and specific needs of the company. Regardless of the interpretation, product managers need strong analytical and organizational skills. Job Openings: 10,294 Average Salary: $113,363

9. Data Scientist – The digital age has produced so much data, companies and other organizations need specialists to figure it all out. Data scientists take data and turn it into easily-understood values. These professionals have strong analytical skills and are able to process their findings into reports and presentations. Job Openings: 3,449 Average Salary: $104,476

10. Sales Manager – Although the role of a sales manager may change depending on the company, each one is generally responsible for overseeing the effective sales of a company's goods. They generally manage teams of of people to analyze data, prepare budgets, monitor customer preferences, and more. Job Openings: 26,193 Average Salary: $76,556

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